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What’s your favorite decade for music?


What’s your favorite decade for music?

Is the music in your library mostly from a particular decade? Or perhaps you appreciate a time period during which your favorite genre(s) emerged or developed? If so, feel free to share

AdamDamSpotify Star
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I think that there are many important musical foundations that span various periods of time for the genres that I enjoy listening to the most, so it’s difficult to choose just one decade as my favorite. However, if I had to do so, I would say that I’m appreciative of the music of the 1970’s especially because I enjoy listening to the jam band the Grateful Dead, for whom most of my favorite recordings are from this decade, and whose improvisational live playing style probably influenced that of my favorite jam band, Phish; as well as for the development of heavy metal, which was an important stylistic origin for the stoner rock music (another genre that I listen to frequently nowadays) that emerged during the early 1990’s

AdamDamSpotify Star
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I don't really have a strong preference for music from specific decades, but most of my library consists of music from the current era. I suppose mentioning that I listen to a lot of electronic music does sort of draw that already.


The current era gets blamed for a lot, but under the mainstream flow and shadows cast by the major acts lives a rich and diverse musical world full of many different cultures and directions.

Yeah, there’s a lot of great music being recorded nowadays for sure; at least, for my musical preferences as well (stoner/psychedelic/space rock, doom metal, and jam bands mostly). I think that my library is also mostly composed of tracks from the current era (2000’s and 2010’s), despite a lot of this music being influenced by bands from previous eras. To me it seems like music just keeps getting better (at least in these aforementioned genres that I listen to regularly), perhaps because artists of the present have a greater variety of recordings to draw their inspiration from and build upon than artists of the past did

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Every decade has it's good and bad music plus with the advancement of technology and music production techniques, its really unfair to compare decades but for me I'd say my favourite decade of music is probably the 2000s mostly because it's the first full decade  I cared about music either charting or outside the mainstream and there are a lot of acts from the 2000s that I remember fondly. I have the 2000s just ahead of the 90s, 2010s and 80s.


Hey folks, 


I was born in 1987 which defined the decades that became my favorite. I love 80s music, also 90s and the early 00s, to be more precise maybe until 2010. If I'm to name one favorite decade that would be the 90s 🕺 💃  🎶 


I'm sharing one track for each decade and I hope you'll enjoy them if you have some memories from these decades!







I'd probably have to say that the 70's was the best era for music. Maybe I'm biased because I'm such a Zeppelin fan lol.

1980s, closely followed by 1970s.


My favorite genre from the era is New Wave in its various forms, so that really begins around 1978 and goes on for about a decade. It is by far not the only genre I listen to, though, and it really goes case by case.


I have to say that I have a really hard time connecting with artists who got big in the 1990s or later. There are some but they are usually lineups of old hands that had already been present in music for a decade or two.

I think probably for me its, the 70's, 80's, 90's, because I really like Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson, and then probably like the 2000's and 2010's because I am obsessed with One Direction and I love Taylor Swift and a bunch of other artists from our lives today, so I guess I like all decades of music.


I waited really long for someone to ask that question 🙂
In my opinion the 2000s were the best decade for the music industry and had the best artists, and it’s the most listened genre of mine.


in my opinion, my best decade of music : 1970s , 1980s, 2000s, 2010s. 


Because,  this is best music i liked dated of  the 20th century and the  21th century.


for the moment the best of decade is 2000s. 








10s :





I don't have personal preferences or tastes. However, I can provide a general response to the question. Music has gone through many different phases throughout history, and each decade has its unique style and sound. That being said, it's hard to choose a favorite decade for music because there are so many great ones to choose from. The 1960s was a decade that produced some of the most iconic music of all time, including rock, folk, and psychedelic sounds. The 1980s was also a decade of innovation with the rise of electronic music, rap, and pop. The 1990s was a decade that brought a new sound to rock and pop music, with grunge, alternative rock, and boy bands taking center stage. Ultimately, the choice of a favorite decade for music comes down to personal preference, and what speaks to each individual listener.

The 80's without a doubt. 



I'm a huge fan of jazz music, and I'm particularly fond of the cool jazz tunes from the 1950s. There's something about the smooth and laid-back vibe of that era that really resonates with me.

One of my favorite artists from that time is Bill Evans. I absolutely love his unique chord voicings and playing style. His music has such a soothing quality to it, and I find myself constantly drawn to his compositions and performances.

In addition, I appreciate the warmth and energy of swing music. It has a certain charm that makes me feel good and uplifted whenever I listen to it.

If you have any recommendations for similar artists or albums, I'd love to hear them!

80's to 90's decade for me. Music in this era is timeless

I like Jack Johnson a lot.  I would say his music is a genre.

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