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Who's your favorite underrated artist?


Who's your favorite underrated artist?

Hey all!

Like the title asks, who do you guys think is your favorite artist that doesn't get the credit they deserve? Any genre, I'm curious what you guys think! (My personal pick would be Whethan)


13 Replies

Ayelle 😄 This girl is going places!


Follow me

I think Tommi Waring is one of my favorites !

Check his song "Money" out!

Charlie Straw, check him out.

I love the emotion he transmits with his songs

I think there might be a small difference between underrated and unknown.

I'm pretty sure Amon Tobin, Datach'i, Audeka, Hecq, BoC and other artists like this are well loved and not underrated among the people that listen to them.

I also can't say The Science, Poztman and Sinister Souls are underrated when they are basically not known at all.
They are all very good artists.


But perhaps what gets overlooked of is Blur.
Most people know

Which is a pretty cool track, but honestly not my favourite for them. I find there are more interesting content from them.
For example:
Something pretty wild -

Lots of meaning -

spotify:track:0SntAp07ONKCC3xzO7lERz:small(those familiar with the scene the song talks about will get it)
If you still want to rock your socks off -



Special delivery for noise lovers -



Entry for your Playlist Of Sadness -



Melancholy feelings -



And finally some awesome lyircs -


Pretty much anything but Song 2. 🙂

I mean.... it's incredibly tough to just pick one as my favorite underrated artist because I love so many. But mine is probably Illenium

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Young Musician/Producer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Making music to inspire other people that were in the same situation he was in.

Roses is his leading track on his new EP called 'Valentine'.

Check it out!


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I believe Loby is slept on, my favorite song from him is the song linked, "Feels Right" but he has other bangers as well. Let me know what you think of him!

Rude is a great artist and definitely should be heard more.




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