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Why can`t I listen to Skyfall by Adele in Spotify (Norway)


Why can`t I listen to Skyfall by Adele in Spotify (Norway)

I`ve tried to star "Skyfall" by Adele, but it won`t work. I can`t listen to the song, nothing happens when I am clicking on the song. I`m from Norway, but radio stations here have added the song to their playlists, and linked it to spotify, still I can`listen to it. It`s a really good Bond song. FYI: I got Spotify Premium! Appreciate feedback!

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can't listen in the UK either

Samw here in UK. Only tribute versions available. Weird as all other Adele songs available. Something to do with Bond movie copyright?

The reason is that for the song "Skyfall" by ADELE no streaming rights have been allocated. I hope I could help you

With regards,

To expand upon elninho7's answer, you can find a little more about why this might be right here. We hope it makes it to Spotify soon!

Airhorn Enthusiast

Not really good enough in my opinion, I pay £9.99 per month for a premium subscription yet I cannot even listen to Skyfall by Adele which is a major and current track. Hell at the time of writing this comment not only have I seen the film but the track is on it's way OUT of the UK charts. Although I am using this track as an example it is the principle that matters, I buy into the spotify idea but not when this sort of nonsense makes me look a fool to those who get their music by hook or crook. If I asked for some obscure white label rave track from 1992 in my keyword search I would be ok with that but when you don't have current MAJOR tracks it makes me consider my subscription and why I pay for spotify. I could download the adele track right now if I was that way inclined but I am willing to pay £9.99 per month as it is value for money IF I CAN GET ALL CURRENT TRACKS but I am getting increasingly annoyed with tracks being blocked for whatever legal reason. Do I have to take the alternative route and cancel my subscription?


I don't really care who is preventing spotify from allowing this track to be listened to, if it is on sale to the public I EXPECT IT TO BE AVAILABLE, simple as that.

You can't force publishers to license their songs for streaming, now can you? I mean, you can complain, but I wouldn't know what Spotify could do more to get those songs in the playlist.


Obviously we can keep bugging Spotify to try to get the license, but as long as the publishers don't change their minds there is nothing much to do.


By saying "I don't care who took my toy, but I want it, I want it!" you're not really getting anything closer to a solution...


And yes. I'm also a premium user... 



The other albums from Adele are available on spotify now ... but they took a looong time from release to being made available. As mentioned above its the publisher who is holding g them back, perhaps due to Adele's insistence or her manager's - the best thing to do is vent your frustration to them via whatever social media platforms they use and enough of their fans make a fuss maybe they'll wake up and realise they are missing out
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

youtube's always free mate

Its only partly Spotify's fault, but that doesnt make it less annoying. Just about any song you can think of appears in the iTunes store instantly. I changed from iTunes to Spotify and this is a major drawback as this happens all the time on spotify. Sure spotify is cheaper, but it's clear why...

I know it's not a solution, but it's the next best thing in my opinion:


Skyfall (from the voice of holland) by Barbara Straathof


I think this cover is the best yet, way more like adele than any cover i've heard on spotify. Hope to have helped a bit,



I think it's the other way round... Music publishers want to publish money on iTunes because they know that its audience is willing to pay good money for a single song... If they would allow Spotify to stream it, they would sell a lot less on iTunes... So they rather milk it a bit longer on iTunes before allowing Spotify to stream it...

You need to contact to Adele or record label some way and ask why this is not available.

What is even more annoying about this is that it is available through Pandora.  Now explain to me why this is a publisher issue and not a Spotify issue

Why you need Adele? I would be more than happy if someone delete Adele from Spotify.  I'm more than happy to discover music eg. cool, very cool stuff like dance, techno, dubstep, hardcore, trance and electro of course from Spotify 🙂


For me there is NO NEED for Adele or junk like that.


I'm holding onto something. Spotify.


So tell me now, dance now or never, so listen it with your ears 🙂



Getting better still in 2013 🙂 This is what I call music.

No need for junk posters like you mor elike.


Community founder? Don't make me laugh.

Adele and Lady Gaga is junk for me.


I listen only best music. This is electro, dance, handzup, dubstep, trance, hardcore and house etc.


There is no time to waste listening commercial Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, Mohombi etc. junk stars with no music enjoyment.


I'm sorry to all Adele fans, but really Adele is no music. This is waste of your time.


Handzup mofos! (You know what I mean if you listen Crystal Lake) 🙂



Of course, everyone can listen "Adele" and related "artists" to Adele, but really, there is 1,000,000% better music in Spotify.

Now, now hpguru, everyone got its own music taste - and that's good!


Calling someone else's favorite music "junk" is just plain offensive.

While I personally think your "best" music is exactly what you called Adele's music - I don't tell you that directly. Ok, I just did now but that's just to prove my point 😉 So please stop forcing your "best" music on us, thanks!

It would be boring if everyone liked exactly the same style, so hurray for individuality!


On topic:

Looks like some music labels tend to hold back the albums in the beginning to make some more money on the album sales.

Sure hope that won't become a trend. :s

hpguru, you come across as a narrow minded prat.


Not that it matters but I am not an Adele "fan" as you call me.


I am a "fan" of the song "skyfall" not the artist.


I am also a DJ so don't push your dance music or nothing bull on me, I embrace good music wherever it comes from and in whatever form.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.




Hi guys,

Let's keep this friendly. Hpguru, Premify is spot on. Everyone has their own taste, that's what is so amazing about music. Please respect that.

Anyway, I believe David on the previous page outlines the reason why the track isn't on Spotify just yet. We'd love every piece of music in the world on our service, it's just not possible right now.


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