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Christian Music/Playlists


Christian Music/Playlists

Howdy everyone! I enjoy Christian music of all genres, and I want to build playlists of awesome music for like-minded fans! This thread is to post favorite Christian songs, albums, artists and playlists. Mainstream or indie, chill or bouncing, all Christian music is for this thread!


Here is a sampler playlist I made of Christian Rock!


  Mainstream Christian Rock Vol. 1

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I made one for personal devotion, soaking prayer times.

Look at all the Jesus music!!

Favorite bands: Keane, Two Door Cinema Club, Muse, Needtobreathe

I created this playlist when I was studying the old feast of Yom Kippur. It focuses on Jesus as being the replacement for the ceremonial Lamb to atone for the sins of the people. Its in a bit more of an orchestral/choral style.



~Soli Deo Gloria~
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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Classical Musicians Unite!

Here are my main Christian playlists, generally leaning towards more mainstream pop/rock with the occasional alternative thrown in. The first one is relatively newer music (past 2-3 years). The second combines most of those with my all-time favorites and is about 21 hours and counting. Hope you guys enjoy these!






Also, here's a great one I follow from WOW to get the latest tracks:



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You should check out the celebration symphony orchestra. They are are christian orchestral pop/indie music group. 

Most of them are from unknown 60's psych bands

This is a collection of songs that remind me that God's Love is as big and powerful as the ocean.


When we observe Nature, we can't help but see God's creativity and beauty. This playlist reminds us that the rocks will cry out to praise God.

Songs to encourage during challenging times. From Lauren daigle reminding us to trust, to Cal Bapist University choir and orchestra assuring us that our God will come.

Nice one:) check out Heavenly Sounds, it could be the same vibe as the playlist! x

Hey Mate! I would love to knwo what you think of my EP Gold: 🙂

Nice play list!!

Hi all, please consider playlisting "When I Am Alone" my new song, thanks!

Here are a couple of playlists I've made of worship music. One is exclusively made up of artists from the UK and the other is made up of my all time favourite worship anthems.




Hi, very cool playlist!  Feel free to see if you like any of our songs - enough to add to your playlist.


The best way to describe our music is deeply emotional, with powerful female vocals and dominant cello.


The songs are about hurt and hope.  The ones most directly about Jesus, are:


*    A River of Eternal Love

*    On the First Christmas Day

*    Son in the Sky


Band:    4 Crying Out Loud!


Full Spotify playlist:





Hi Sad,

I have been pretty particular about sticking only to songs that are truly
R&B, not hip-hop, pop, or something else.

If you have a moment, can you refer to me songs like that? I did listen to
several on the playlist.

BTW, I had a song picked up by Spotify on their Christian playlist a while
back. It's "Dove of Peace, Fly to Us."

I have a new R&B song releasing May 1 that I will put on the playlist.



Hi Spike,


Congrats on your song being picked up.


I don`t create R&B songs myself - I am currently focused on creating deeply emotional (slow) acoustic songs.


However, I just created a Christmas Dance Music playlist to help you out - using songs from other Christian artists.  These are some of my all time favourite Christian dance songs - some are modern day songs/artists and some are old school.


See if it helps you a bit.  Here the link to my newly created playlist (with songs from other Christian artists):


All the best, 

Sad (4COL!, 4 Crying Out Loud!)

I've made a playlist of what I consider to be the best ever Hillsong tracks. Check it out.

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