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๐Ÿ”ฅ Rap/Trap Playlist


๐Ÿ”ฅ Rap/Trap Playlist

This is a playlist that I've been working on for more than two years. It's a lot of songs and I recommend you to listen to it from recently added or on shuffle. I try to diversify it with modern and older raps but it consist of mainly modern songs. If you have a recommendation for a song to be added to it just send it to me and I'll listen to it. I constantly add songs to it.

23 Replies

Great playlist ! will follow & share , please check out our profile below,

Heyho, check this one out: All about chilling and relaxing rap!



 Dope playlist, if you dont mind check out my music. Hopefully I can get added if you enjoy it.


No Sleep

Please listen my new song, and if you like please add to your playlist! Thanks!

Just found your playlist and was wondering if you're still submitting songs to it, if yes please check out my song below.


Yokai Zim, The Most High

Looks awesome! Check out this playlist if you want some hard pure trap/rap. No mixing sub-genres within it, just pure trap/rap.




Hey man 

I really like your playlist, i will be exited to see my first release on it, let me know if you like man, is really important for me ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™



Quick weekly playlist of new music in hip hop electronic dance music indie R&B grime,

That's my Trap playlist, just Trap. There are many talented artists, it's worth it.

Check out my tunes. I got a unique style and a few tapes out. Please add me to your playlists and give me a follow!

Hi Iโ€™m Yano Deal a new upcoming trap artist out of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Iโ€™m new to Spotify Iโ€™d like anyone interested in trap music to go take a listen to my new project Gates 2 Fame  give it a listen like follow and share if you feel itโ€™s up to par with the hip hop and rap genre.


Single handedly picked singles mostly form the upcoming rising scene in Chicago!

I recommend listening to it in it's order as is being built like a DJ set (rising BPM)

Hope you'd love it. 

New Single already on  5 different playlist and one blog

Hi, it's really nice playlist, I'm following! Here's my Instrumental Hip Hop tape vibin in funky/soulful/jazzy moods. Maybe you find here some fresh stuff for your playlist. Thank you in advance!

Peace & Love

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