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share your playlists!

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So I live in Ottawa, ON, Canada and I swear we are experiencing a new era of amazing music.  I think we might be on our way to becoming a music city!  My producer and I have compiled an awesome playlist that touches a wide range of styles coming out of Ottawa right now. Check it out!


Hey!! Pls check out my playlists 






A pres playlist for partying; if you enjoy chuck it a follow ๐Ÿ™‚

It's a playlist with musics by female singers, singing in Spanish. Blues/Indie/Flamenco! Check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite Indie tracks! Feel free to send me any for possible addition too

The West Is Back Playlist 



A daily cup of the freshest & best metal (death, thrash, doom, groove, metalcore)

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Added daily: the best, newest & most brutal metaltracks from around the globe. Curated for your convenience by Edwin Valent: singer metalband Short Fused (RIP) and ex-presenter of Headbangers Ball NL, VRPO Bruut, 3voor12 Bruut, MTV Rockzone & KINK Metallurgy.

hey your playlist is got some dope hip hop songs on your list...


was wondering if you could add my song and ill support


Young Sam- Js At The Door



Hey im an indie artist - Young Sam... would love to get my song


Young Sam - Js at the door 

added to your new playlist 




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