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Cinematic trip (Trip-hop & Movie lines/Dialogs and sound effects)


Cinematic trip (Trip-hop & Movie lines/Dialogs and sound effects)

A selection of trip-hop sounds with a very cinematic atmosphere, scattered with dialogs and sound effects. Curated by @GillianDelvigne from @lesfouineursduson


17 Replies

A good selection of moody triphop! Thanks for sharing!

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

@GillianDelvigne beautiful playlist! smooth electroswing and trip-hop! very well crafted - i adore avalanches and bonobo ❤️ 


you've got a wealth of good music - i'd suggest applying for the rock star program to collaborate and get some insight from other talented curators on the site!

Hey @GillianDelvigne thanks for sharing your playlist. We've chosen it to be featured on the front page of our Music Boards section this week.


Keep it the great curating!

So nice! Thanks! :))

Nice playlist @GillianDelvigne and congrats on being featured!

Thanks a lot! 🙂 

I really like some of your very good playlists too! 😉 

Awesome Playlist!

Follow me

Thank you! 🙂 

I'm listening to your music right now! 🙂 

Is it you who sings?

I saw that this is one of the featured playlists and was drawn to it as a fan of some of the artists included, it's been such a blissful experience finding some new gems and letting the cinematic trip soundtrack my evening. Bravo @GillianDelvigne 

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Thank you! I'm happy to read this. 🙂 If you know some other good cinematic tunes, feel free to share it! 🙂 

You're welcome 🙂 ahh thank you.
Not sure if you've heard Fold (they're doing a session for Lauren Leverne on BBC 6 Music tomorrow!) So It Goes is one of my favourites from their debut,the whole records worth a listen.

I've also been listening to this Arms and Sleepers album loads recently, Life is Everywhere, this might fit the vibe. Love is Everywhere

Finally, you can't go wrong with a bit of Aim 🙂 

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Thanks to you, I added some tracks to my playlist! 🙂 

This playlist features chill and relaxing atmospheric songs! I'm always keeping it updated and adding new songs to it. Share and follow if you like it!

Congrats on the feature! 

Very nicely curated, with an assortment of many artists I hadn't heard of before.

So many feels 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!


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Hey @GillianDelvigne, your cinematic trip-hop playlist is truly captivating! The mix of moody trip-hop vibes with movie dialogues and sound effects creates such an immersive experience. It's evident you've curated it with care. I particularly enjoyed how it sets the mood for a cinematic journey. Looking forward to discovering more hidden gems in your collection!

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