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Finding Mellow


Finding Mellow

Just curated my first playlist, will you give it a listen and follow if you like?


Find your mellow with this soothing mix of contemporary chilled music. A warming blend of indietronica, acoustic, indie-pop and folk vibes.

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This is a lovely playlist, Paul!! Perfect especially as it's 2am where I am now and the perfect vibe. I just sent you a DM with a possible song recommendation, if you could check that out? 🙂 


Great stuff - I've given it a follow!

Hello there, dropped a like!

Hopefully, you're doing well!
Got a few nice songs for you to listen to, if you like it then please add it to your playlist and possibly follow TooGoodForTV as more songs are coming out soon.
Much love,

very nice playlist, here is one of my chill playlists. feel free to check it out


Thanks i'll take a listen.



Followed. Thanks!

Listening Gaby, we have a lot of cross over! Nice work.


Naavo. I liked! Made me smile. Thanks.

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