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Funk/Soul Sorta Stuff


Funk/Soul Sorta Stuff

Just something I was messing about with the other day. Threw a few curveballs in there too but feel they all fit the mood I was going for.

Running Time: 2hr53min


32 Replies

Hello !@OldManGravz


Thank you to revive the genre!



Funky Day




I can always appreciate a great Funk Playlist. You definitely have a great selection. Check out my Old School Funk playlist if you have a chance. Let me know your thoughts.

Hey guys,


Here's a Funky Soul & Soulful Funk Playist i made. Enjoy:



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Hello !


Funky Night



I created a new funky soul playlist: Inspired By James Brown : Funky Soulbrothers. All tracks have the James Brown vibe. The first by the man himself, a jazzy version of a man's world. Enjoy:




My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever



Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks !

Some great Funk Soul playlists there, here's mine well really Craig Charles from the last 10 years of his radio show on BBC Radio 6


neally 50 hrs of it and updated monthly or whenever I remember 






Great playlist. It has a nice blend of the classics and some of the more underrated stuff

I liked your inclusion of Flash Light, instant party classic. I made some great discoveries here too

@thejoker175 Which playlist were you referring to, a few on this post might be worth mentioning which post so people know that you've gave them some good feedback.  If it was mine thanks, if not and you like Soul and Funk check out the post 'WHAT IS SOUL PLAYLISTS HERE'

its a weekly 100 track playlist I've set up sharing new and old, underground and classic Soul Funk Jazz Disco House and Hip Hop, I would of thought you'll find something you like in there, here's week 1. They change very Friday, weeks 2-7 and then another every week can be found on my profile. 






@thejoker175 Thanks, do you also have a good funk/soul playlist to share?

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

I only have one playlist so far. It's called Disco/Funk and if you could check it out and give some feedback that would be awesome. Funk is probably my favorite genre

Awesome I love this playlist

@thejoker175 Could you post a link then? Thanks.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever


Heres the link to my Disco/Funk playlist. 



@thejoker175 Thanks. I think this list is just for personal listening. If you want to promote it for other people to listen to i would focus on funk or disco. I would remove the disco hits and focus on the less known funk songs that are in there. Found some tracks i haven't heard before.

So what do you want with it? 🙂

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Thanks for the advice! Since it's mostly funk and only a little bit if disco, it would probably be better to remove disco entirely to make it more focused. Would you be able to tell me what was personal about it? I just don't want to make the same mistake again for another playlist.

@thejoker175 I mean for personal use. For example i make playlists with lots of tracks on them for personal use, for archival purpose or to check out later. That's what i meant with it. Because of the title disco/funk (title/theme could be better)  lots of tracks by one artist (limit it to 2 good tracks by 1 artist). Hope it helps a bit. 🙂

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

@Jazzwhatever Oh I get it now. I'll try to avoid putting too many tracks by the same artist on my future playlists because I I could see how that seem more of a personal playlist. Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.

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