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Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist


Help me with the 'Sad and Dreamy' playlist

I started a playlist I'll be updating once a month.

Recommend some songs?


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I believe the very first track, Keep Holding On, will fit the sad and dreamy aesthetic.

this song would be a greaaat addition to your playlist ! Hope u like it my self-curated sad album, please don't commit suicide hahaha hope everything is good, greetings from México

hello! nice list!
maybe you'll like this track from a friend of mine, it releases today.
I think it has quite a dreamy chord progression that comes in with the chorus around 1min30. but listen for yourself...
regards, Peter

Vi lascio il link di questa canzone se volete aggiungere!

Hi Riley,

Love your post-rock playlist! Maybe one of our songs could fit, would be great if you have a listen. 

here is my playlist filled with dreamy/melancholic music


sleeplessly embracing – Amira El-Belasi 

Hey! I think if you'd go through my playlist you'll find some good music to add!

Hey @rileyriley


Just stumbled upon your post and decided to recommend you a few:








Hope you'll enjoy them. 



Damn, rileyriley. We both started our sad playlists with "Sorrow" by The National. Too obvious? How about "Boyish" by Japanese Breakfast? It's the dreamiest tune on mine.

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