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Hip Hop/Rap playlists 2017


Hip Hop/Rap playlists 2017

Starting this to have everyone share hip hop playlists and gain followers organically. I encourage everyone on here to learn each others music preferances as well as connect through DM. Lets grow together, after a few weeks I will be adding everyones favorite music to one massive playlist. Lets give listeners another option to listen to besides rap caviar. All unsigned and up coming artists with heat will be curated onto an exclusive and seperate playlist this will be the rapcaviar for unsigned artists in the future I hope. Feel free to share any of your best local talents and all major artists are welcome.



No Sleep
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Hi there, was hoping you’d consider tracks off my album (link below) for your playlist. Would be great to reach new people. 


Thanks for your time


Dave Neurotic  

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