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Hey everybody! 

I'm a music enthusiast always searching for new indie/alternative tracks and playlists. If you are too, then this is the place for you to discover, share and indulge in some good music. Here for some recommendations? I'd love if you'd be able to take a look at some of my playlists, I've linked one down below (my pride and joy to be exact). Feel free to share some of yours too!


Cheers 🙂 





271 Replies

LOVE them

Check out Falling Through April they just released a new album in January, this was their first single from the album :



We are an alternative rock band from France.
We have just released a new track. It's about life and Piniata !!!
We will very happy to appeared in your playlist.

Greatings from France. 😉

Youth Inc.


Here’s a playlist of some alternative hidden gems of the post punk/shoegaze genres

Here's our emerging rock/alternative playlist...always looking for new submissions! Submit NOW @

Hey I just released a Rock/Pop song called "Hard Rockr." Have a listen on my Spotify! I will share your channel if you post my song. I recently got my music on the TV show Lucifer on Fox. 


Spotify URL


Artist Link




Hrad Rockr 640 72 dpi.jpg

I think these guys are really good, I think you may like this. Please let me know if you like them.



Check out my "New and Current Favorites" playlist!


This features a great mix of new, undiscovered, indie, alternative, EDM, country, alongside some well-known artists. There are some deep tracks and covers as well. Not many remixes.


I'm very OCD about my playlist and update it VERY regularly.

  • No song is on this list for longer than two years
  • Some songs are removed upon listening if they aren't "catchy" enough
  • New songs added every Friday

Great song selection. Beds are burning by Midnight Oil is my favorite 😉

If you ever want to support emerging artists by adding their songs in your alt rock playlists, here's a good one for you : Zambonia. I think the songs Roots and You Knew the Worl would fit with your genre.

Thanks and keep up the good stuff!

Heyo a bit more of a chill list but put alot of work into it!

you should like this!!



It is not actually popping up! are you sure it is the right http?


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