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Less Then 100 Followers Playlist


Less Then 100 Followers Playlist

I've created this playlist to for those that want to discover UNSIGNED UNDISCOVERED Hip-Hop artists with some seasoning of the mainstream‼️ Be sure to follow and drop your under 100 playlists below‼️

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Hi there, just came across this post and was hoping to be considered for your playlist. Just dropped an album less than a couple of weeks ago (link below) and tracks I’d like you to consider are “Funeral Pyres” “Get in Line” “M.E.D.I.A.” and “Instrument of Destruction” 


if you listen to my album and feel there’s other tracks better suited for your playlist feel free to use them. I did see the submission link on your playlist but thought I’d reply to this post instead, hope that’s ok.


thanks for your time


Dave Neurotic 

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