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Lofi/downempo playlist that fits your mood, either you need relaxation or having a chill night, this playlist is for you

The playlist is being updated every week

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I can probably add it

Just post any music that you made and ill take a look at it

WOW! I'll add it

Hi ! Nice selection !

Hopefully you'll like this track ❤️



Here is a song I'd think could be a good fit for your playlist. Summer 1983 traces its roots back to a vibe of hip hop's humble beginnings. The nostalgic feeling of the track is the focus. The playability is for those you are looking to chill out on the porch smoke their smoke and enjoy a nice cool evening.



This would make a great addition!

thanks 🙂 here is mine, listen in order and enjoy...

Nice, this is mine. A mix of downtempo/electronic chill beats. Check it out 🙂

Nice taste, this is mine. A mix of hip hop/lofi chill beats. Let me know what you think

hey try some of these sounds. btw. nice playlist. some gems there 🙂

Great Playlist! I have a lofi beattape that I think would fit great with this playlist. Check out track 2 "Avocado" if you got time for one track 🙂

Hey would you consider adding my song to your playlist, it would definitely vibe and help a smaller artist out! 

hi there!
i have this playlist!
Promote your tracks!
Submit you tracks!
lofi & chill beats!

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