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Lofi hip hop playlist to study, relax to, sleep, cook


Lofi hip hop playlist to study, relax to, sleep, cook

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Here's one that I recently made. It's got a lot of chill songs that are sure to boost your mood. I was pretty picky when making this, it's one of my best playlists. Drop a like if you liked the playlist.

Very nice thx,

I was takin a look, yours has quite different songs from mine that is an only instrumental beats playlist, take a look and follow if you like the nostalgic wave

How you doing, I'm Aroc I just released a new single called "To Whom It May Concern" . If you could add to your playlist I'll preciate it

hey I got a more party vibe hip hop playlist co7uld you give it a follow  ?


this is a playlist i do my work too, similar to yours. no distractions lol.

i dont understand what this link does could you explain ? and follow my playlist too

submission here:

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