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Looking for new Rock music


Looking for new Rock music

Always looking for new Rock music to discover (Bands formed in/after 2010) . Please share your links.

15 Replies

You have quite a good taste sir.


Classic album. From super relaxed to really heavy this album covers all bases. Must listen any rock/metal fan

Thank you. i'll have a listen 🙂

Almost 10 years ago since i had a listen to Deftones... thx for the reminder

indeed i do! do you have an artist page on insta? ill add "Lunch with the **bleep**" to my Playlist and share it. by whom are you influenced or what other artists do you like (use it for some hashtags)?

We are a 4 piece from Nottingham, England. 


Recently released 2 origonal tracks


-King For A Day


Check them out!


i enjoy oneokrock's songs and if you dont mind a little of krock, i think maybe you'll enjoy it 😉

Yes our insta page is called theelectricsolmusic. We are infuenced by a lot of artist but mostly Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin. Glad you like it! we have more music on the way...

Well @Rock-Around Where do I start?


I have a few ongoing threads (Playlist) about this subject some examples


  1. Riffs Riffs Riffs Only tracks released this year
  2. Hot Stuff Vol 2019 This are my Top 10 streamed tracks  each week 
  3. 12 New Songs This Week the title is pretty obvious 
  4. 2000’s around 400 tracks 
  5. 2010s Alternative Indie Over 1,000 tracks 

I think this is more than enough...tons of bands, tracks, days of pleasure... hope you can enjoy it!!!!



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Good to see Rock is well and alive 🙂 but i wasnt actually looking for playlists because i create em my self. Thx for sharing, will def have a listen 🙂

Hey here are 2 new rock tracks we released recently.

Wrote this one after the death of my grandpa in this pandemic, a song to give us a strength and courage to rise again despite the difficult times, it’s called 

Rise Again (2.0) because the 1st version was released while in lockdown, the band was split in different countries while in quarantine:


Damla: (classic rock, Sax & guitar solos)


P.S there’s even an original multiscreen vídeo on YouTube for the lockdown version of Rise Again here:

Hope you like them! Stay strong and keep on rockin’!!


 Take a look at my playlist . The first 500 songs are manually picked


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