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Melody Rocks


Melody Rocks

Mainly 1958-1993 Rock 'n Roll (ranging from: soft rock [eg. Simon and Garfunkel] to blues rock [eg. Chuck Berry], to heavy metal [eg. Metallica]), some Funk/Soul [eg. The Ohio Players], Retro Pop [Genesis], and a tiny bit of Disco [eg. Bee Gees], Modern Pop and Rock [eg. The Black Keys], Country, and Instrumentals.


I updated regularly since 2017. Hard rock is the most common subgenre. Many songs will probably familiar, many others are ones you wished to have heard earlier. It is a positive playlist and a good for escapism. I listen to it with Soundmagic E-11C's.

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Nice, the majority of these songs are in my playlist

Easy listening melodic rock of 2000s, I hope you will like it:


Loving this playlist!


This playlist has got a bit of everything; Punk rock, Modern rock, 90's, 80's, and 70's rock. Thrown a few classics too including Cream, Derek and The Dominos and Blondie. 


I update it regularly, whenever I discover some real headbanger tunes

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