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Music Emporium March 17' (New Real.. 30 Genre's)


Music Emporium March 17' (New Real.. 30 Genre's)


“I wanted to create a monthly playlist for Eclectic music lovers. That didn't limit itself to one or two genre's"


Do you love a pop song, with a great hook, as much as a complex piece of classical music? I do and The Wonder Music Emporium is a playlist that encompasses that love of all kinds of music.


It's a monthly playlist of the songs that move me, make me smile, yell out loud and maybe shed a tear. Updated Weekly with all the best New Releases & Fresh Finds selected from over 30 genre’s including:


• 90’s Emo Revival  • Folk  • Indie Soul  • Punk 
• Americana   • Funk  • Irish Folk  • Rap
• Blues  • Hip Hop  • Irish Punk  • R&B
• Bluegrass  • Indie Classical  • Jazz   • Roots Rock
• Classical  • Indie Electronic  • Jazz Punk  • Shoegaze
• Country   • Indie Folk  • Math Rock  • Ska
• EDM  • Indie Pop  • Pop   • Trance
• Epic Music  • Indie Rock  • Postrock   • World


“This is a curated mix and not simply a warehouse for all new tracks I find”


I want songs that make me want to instantly hit replay the minute the song ends. I don't want a bloated mix so I won't keep a song I find to be "OK". I want a mix of amazing songs you can listen to in an 8hr day. 

25 Replies

Hey @JESquare I believe something might be wrong with your signature--is it displaying the way you'd like it to?

@meahtenoha funny you mention that. I was just trying to fix it. I also have to admit ooooh Meredith responded to one of my playlist threads maybe she liked a song 🙂 I was a little disappointed but its nice to know you pay attention to my signature.

Wonder_Fresh_Wonder.pngTrack Title - Artist

For Shelley (Unheard) – A Lot Like Birds

Listen to the Full Playlist in Spotify 



So this is my last major update of the Month. I might add a track or two more but nothing major. Just a heads up to those who do check in and follow. I'm planning on  keeping the same playlist link, and just updating tracks and cover each month. This so, if you follow, you can keep up to date without having to find the new playlist. I'll take the previous months tracks place them into a new playlist with that months cover design and post it on this board and social media.

Track Title - Artist

Shabba Shabba – Great Cynics
Exhibition On Main St. – Western Daughter
Alice Come Home – Blaenavon
Diamond Days – Lonely The Brave
Hope the High Road – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Fight for Love – Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Church Fire – The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
Raising the Dead – Johnny Flynn
Siddhartha (My Light Was a Ghost) – The Collection
Leaving You Behind - Acoustic – Clean Cut Kid
Jade – Magic Giant
Why – The Cranberries
Chainsmoking – Jacob Banks
Calling – VAMPS

Listen to the Full Playlist in Spotify 


Hey! Thank you for making this mix! You have awesome taste!


I also think you might be into this track that just came out:

Wonder_Fresh_Wonder.pngTrack Title - Artist

Few Tracks I found over the weekend.

Teenage God Born to Die – Feral Ohms
Black Rain – Creeper
Broken – Falling In Reverse
Last Young Renegade – All Time Low
The View from Here – Taylor Haskins
Zindabad – Red Baraat
Good Life – Collie Buddz
Mixtape – Ballyhoo!
World On Fire – Louis The Child, Ashe

Listen to the Full Playlist in Spotify 


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