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Hello everyone! 🖐


I have total of 10 theme based playlist, but I strongly recommend 3 of them:


♫ FOLIE À DEUX ♫ - psychotic, creepy and bizzare:


♫ GROUP THERAPY ♫ - emotional, vocal, melodic techno:


♫ FUTURE SOUNDS ♫ - melodramatic tech-trance:


Enjoy! 🔥

We have almost 20 different playlists, all promoting the best new independent music. This one here is a mixture of pop, indie rock, alternative and hip hop. All new releases from 2024.

Summer is right around the corner. Get in the mood by listening to this. 

Hello everyone!
Enjoy my Chill Music playlist




If you have to learn a lot or to work a lot maybe this Playlist is good for you. 

Please give me your opinion about this Playlist that I can improve it.

My rock and metal playlist, I was looking for a good rock playlist for morning work drives but there were always so many songs I had to skip that I decided to make my own playlist with only the good songs.

I made my own playlist for Workout Session, can you share it please ?

The playlist is regularly updated;

Thanks !

Rolling with a Rock/Pop playlist of music found on Threads (and various playlist communities) - enjoy!


Stolen Threads 2024 Rock/Pop 

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