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Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers


Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers

Spotify has a lot of amazing, undiscovered artists. Some of them just need a push into the spotlight. 


So in this thread you can recommend your favorite artists with less than 500 followers. 


To insert a Spotify Play Button just: 

1. Pick a track from the artist/ band. 

2. Right click and select Copy Embed Code.

3. Paste it in the HTML tab on your community post. 


Lately I've been listening to a lot of Psyence Fiction (34 followers). Recommended to me by @Jamie 



UPDATE: Don't feel like digging through the whole thread for new tunes? Here's a handy playlist for you.  Hit shuffle and enjoy:



1,368 Replies

One very good trio from Hungary (there is another Loop Doctors on the same page, but they are from Austria..!)

Have Fun, Tilman

I have got one but the release is several years ago 2011. The band is Lotus Crush consisting of Lead Singer Terry McDermott from the short lived band DriveBlind, as well as Candlebox members Peter Klett and Scott Mercado, and MIGGS member John Luzzi. They only have 49 followers. The release is fantastic a kind of Alternative throw back to a 70's rock vibe. Anyway here it is their single release.

I've been a fan of Brooks Dixon on here recently, he only has one single out right now, but his new EP is supposed to come out soon

hello !


Ed askew, strange artist ...... No ?



how can i put the pictures as you made?


copy the embed code of the playlist or track and paste it into the HTML tab of the post

If you like pop/rock cover bands these guys are pretty good. They don't have much on Spotify and currently only 47 followers but I like their style.


I found em on YouTube first HERE.


This is my favorite cover by them...


Like your choices! thanx

hello !

Known for his comic sketches and poetry, Birmingham-born John Dowie has sparked laughter in the most stoic Englishman or woman. His repertoire includes such off-the-wall singles as "Acne, Idiot, Hitler's… ( Allmusic ) .............. ( Followrers - 8 )



Mexican DJ




Eddie Mercury: Eddie Mercury

I have a thing for crazy music, follow me to listen to check out my playlists..

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Feel free to send a friend request, music network is infinite...

Bookmarking this because everyone gives awesome suggestions ;D

The Sleep-ins only have a mere 3 followers (including me), but I think that they deserve more 🙂 Their sound seems influenced by 90's indie rock like Polvo with lyrics focused on outer space, and it sounds great.

Another good band is .22, who currently have 0 followers. All of their albums were produced by Steve Albini.


Some Ambient Music:

My Spotify Playlists:



Small psychedelic atmosphere with two groups, totalling less than 80 followers

3 more from a couple of genres. 


Not really sure, indie/alt I guess (121 followers):


Then some kind of ambient stuff (109 followers): 



And finally an Italian screamo band (449 followers). Since I don't know Italian, it doesn't really matter that I don't know what they're saying: 

Also, this seems a bit too cool to only have 69 followers: 


She rocks...

Great Discover recommendation about a month ago. They only have 223 followers so far:


dinomightSpotify Star
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Found these guys today on Royal Canoe Radio...just 66 followers. 


Hello !!


Formed in late 2005, Chicago’s Red Plastic Buddha developed a sound reminicent of the best elements of late 60s British psychedelia, alternating between swirling sonic landscapes and catchy, melody driven pop. (

Bonus : Cover version of « Rollercoaster. » of the legendary « 13th floor elevators. »




The Puddle; Psychedelia, sweet pop sentiments and garage rock undertones. ( ) Enjoy !

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