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๐Ÿ’” Sad vibes playlist - Share your music (all genre)


๐Ÿ’” Sad vibes playlist - Share your music (all genre)



Playlist exchange.

Sad playlist, for sad people. A lot of rap song. Principal playlist.

Screaming rap. For angry people.


Bonus : Underrated rapper

Really, he's really good and underrated.


Personaly, I like the dark rap, the depressive rap and the hard rap. But i want to find some others songs (others genres)



I will listen your playlist, maybe follow and take songs.

Follow mine.

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Oh humm i like a lot of song good choice really

Check this playlist ๐Ÿ™‚ You may find some songs for yours.

Somes songs are sad i like it

I like a bit this song 

Hey please consider this for your playlist! I represent a young and upcoming artist that makes Hiphop/Chillhop/Sad boy music! Thanks I apreciate you listening!

Hi, I just followed your playlist. Kindly take a minute to listen and I hope you would consider adding my song. I'd totally appreciate it. Thank you in advance...


Darlintino - A Man Apart

Hey @Flyzio,


My playlist for 'meh' kind of days.



I like it i have added it to my playlist. Thanks.

This is my love song. I wrote this about oxytocin, which is called the love chemical, and the concept is comparing being hooked on love to hooked on a drug. It might fit the vibe you're going for lmk

I like it on this track you sound like 21 savage i put this song in another playlist.

Thanks i like some song.

I follow your playlist pls follow mine

I love the cover of your songs. I like also the second song i add it.


I rather rap but i like it.



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