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Share Your Longest Playlist


Share Your Longest Playlist

This one's by far my longest at nearly 75 hours lol. It used to be my cluster playlist before I started doing yearly ones instead. Follow, drop yours & I'll follow them back! 



17 Replies

358 hours right now (not updated often, difficult to do on mobile), it is a playlist of ALL my liked songs, no order (and i haven't gone back to better curate it, might not)

Here's my longest playlist, but I'm not into following for following, and I understand if you don't care to follow it. If it's not your style, it doesn't make sense to. If you do know any motorcycle riders (especially bikers, ones that ride as more of a lifestyle instead of just motorcyclists), it would be cool if you would share it with them, though.


The amount of people following playlists don't matter as much as how many monthly listeners or "streams" that a playlist gets.

Follow me

my playlist is 24 hours long lol



It's not ridiculously long but it contains a lot of my favourite tunes I was listening to at the beginning of quarantine. Hope somebody can get some enjoyment out of it 🙂 

this one is probably my longest aside from my musical theatre playlist lol

sadly, my longest playlist is only 9 hours long, but i really love it. i followed yours and would be nice to get a follow back 🙂

75 hours is crazy! I have two separate playlists that are over 48 hours each which I can’t stop updating. Let me know what you think if you get the chance!

This one’s my second biggest but my favourite

And then got this one which is my biggest but don’t add to it anymore



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