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Share Your Sad Playlists With A Short Description


Share Your Sad Playlists With A Short Description

I have far more sad playlists than I thought. But then again, don't we all? Let's start a thread of everyones sad playlists with a short description so other people get an idea of the theme of the playlists. Hope to find some new sad playlists to follow & that you dig these ones! 


can't get you out of my head vibes


seasonal depression type rock songs


post breakup


lyrics that you can really relate with


a collection of my personal fav sad songs / lyrics


emo rap

29 Replies

i get sad a lot, this makes me worse.. idrc  


Soundtrack to a decade down the **bleep**ing shitter. Its called Rippled-Pickle-Slices.



 Here's mine... it's a mix of a lot of genres, but is very, very angsty!


Maybe like or follow? ≧◡≦

i got some rlly good ones to lay on the floor and cry to with a bottle of pills in ur hand

A mainly pop playlist (with a few r&b songs) full of songs to get you in your feelings. Includes both hype and slow songs to take you on an emotional roller coaster.
this playlist get me in my feels, I based it off heartbreak and the show Normal People, a show I binged over quarantine. It broke me. Nice playlist!

this is my sad playlist especially for when I feel lonely and different


these are mostly what I listen to when I'm sad at 4 am



If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!

Hi, this is my own sad playlist, "if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear"

I made the cover, you can see my work on instagram: @liennez and it's for being sad-mad for two days straight!


slow, feminine dreampop - 


and an older, more eclectic mix. includes showtunes. 



i don't know if i linked them correctly or not... but enjoy!

A collection I made towards the end of 2020 - just to finish it off appropriately!
based on the title, you should probably know what it is. Mostly sad drake and some other stuff

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