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Share your Ambient playlists


Share your Ambient playlists

I would like share my Ambient playlist with you and I will be glad if you share yours. 
I have atmospheric Deep Ambient playlist for everyone who likes emotional beatless ambient music and drones, I will glad if you check it and like it. Have a nice listening

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Here's some deep droning beauty centered around the brilliant Stars of the Lid and their community:

Great beatless Ambient playlist by Chris Held

Many thanks for the mention of my playlist! 😄

Nice Ambient / Drone playlist by Beatradar

Cool cinematic Ambient playlist by Hari Maia

Here are my 2 cents on ambient and instrumental music. I use this list to work and focus. I hope you enjoy it 🙂



Please enjoy one of what I want to be one of 'premium playlists' - Relaxing Music 100'

Here is my Ambient music playlist. Everytime i listen to an ambient album, i pick my favorite track and add it to this playlist. Feel free to follow and listen 🙂


Hope some of these songs make it into your own playlist

Brian Eno described his "Music for Airports" album as a "World In Reverse" and that's the vibe we were going for in creating this playlist.


heyy 🙂 


here is my playlist to listen to on rainy nights ( mood / chill lo-fi )


Here's a couple of dark ambient tracks I released last year.  I hope you like them!


David Delbridge Radio 

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