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Share your Soundtrack of 2019


Share your Soundtrack of 2019

Hey folks!

Every year I make my own Soundtrack of (year) playlist. It's my favourite songs that year, good memories, good concerts and old songs reflowering. My question to you is: how's your year been? Please share 😉


Here's my soundtrack of 2019!



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Hi SomethingToSay, good idea! My year has been pretty good; I haven’t had any symptoms of schizophrenia since I started taking my medication last year, and I like the lab that I’m working in currently, despite feeling anxious sometimes about grad school nonetheless. As for my music listening habits this year, I think that helped me to discover lots of new artists; many of the artists in my “Your Top Songs 2019” that Spotify presented to me recently as part of the “2019 Wrapped” feature are artists that I discovered this year or last winter, when I first started using I think the “Your Top Songs 2019” playlist did a pretty good job highlighting the songs that I played the most this year (up to October 31st), so I’ll share that for my Soundtrack of 2019:

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hi TreyAnastasio! 

Glad to hear you're experiencing  less symptoms and seem to be satisfied with your current medication. 


Had a quick look at your list. So exited to see Future Primitive by Grail on your list. It's been a while since I've heard that song! (And deep politics from the same album.) I also see Tempel by Colour Haze and Brahama by My Sleeping Karma. So, gotta check out the rest of the list! Following! Thanks for sharing! 😉

It’s cool that we like some of the same artists, and thanks for following my Soundtrack of 2019 playlist; I’ve followed yours as well, and will check it out!

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Thanks! I'm a bit all over the place when it comes to genres, but let's hope you like a song or two TreyAnastasio 😉

Hi Archeoptryx!

I have been listening to Kate Tempest a lot this year, but other than that I haven't heard much about the artists on you playlists. But I do like to explore and find new music! So thanks for sharing! I'll check it out! 

Hey Yall, please check out my playlist!


 "KnoMusicRow" - A playlist solely designed to discover and promote a variety of emerging country artists and their next hits.


Full of the actual singer/songwriters that are playing rounds and putting in the work to get the exposure needed to make it. Straight out of Nashville, TN! Updated Weekly.


I live here in Nashville and get to witness first hand how much work they put in and how much of a struggle it can be to get noticed. Help these artists out with a follow and ill get ya back!


Hey gigright!

Thanks for sharing! Glad to see you've put together a playlist helping new bands getting noticed!

Hi Shivpatel97!

Thanks for sharing and thanks for introducing me to Billie Eilish's Come Out and Play singel. I haven't heard that one before and I do like her fragile sound. 

Music from Maine has been growing, is eclectic and adding some sweet sounds!

Thumbs up for supporting your (I presume...) your local bands and artists, TekChi! The smooth sound of Waves by Plains caught my attantion 😉

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