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Share your playlists! I will listen and follow to them!


Share your playlists! I will listen and follow to them!

I love any modern/alt rock. I love Surf Curse, Cage the Elephant, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, but I'll listen to anything!

heres my biggest playlist - an over view of my music taste


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i love your playlist 😄 thanks for the new music! 


Hello ,
I need followers please if you can follow me

My playlist it's a mixt of rap and music of motivation
Thank's To help me

I love your playlist! super cool thank you for sharing it!

Your music is so good! definitely showing me new music but I like all of it!

OML i love your playlist! All of my favorite bands and songs! and we have a very similar taste with the combo of Tyler and indie! 

^ for summer cruisin, your local generic radio music

^ a mixed playlist for a transition of emotions i guess

^ a sad vibe playlist when you're in your feels 

^ a lovey dovey playlist for hopeless romantics

^ a quarantine playlist i just made! please suggest me more songs to add into! 

IMG_5683.jpg is filled with glitchy, chill piano grooves from unheard of producers and respected masters alike. Instead of a name like "lofi chill hop jazz hop trip snip dip hop" the playlist remains memorable, yet focused on the amazing tracks it has to offer to a chill afternoon.

Was searching for a playlist that had Hip Hop, R&B mixed in with some Lo-fi beats and just decided to make one! Check it out: 

for this special time a special rock list for your home office work


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