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Show me your best downtempo song/playlist


Show me your best downtempo song/playlist

Hello guys, I'm looking for the most downtempo song. 

Share your stuff with me, if I like it I will probably follow you. Could be any genre.


Here is an example of ambiance I am searching. 



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Hi @VanderNyd,

Here's a list with pretty slow bpm 🙂



I'v got a few downtempo playlists. This is my most recent one. Feel free to follow/share etc! 🙂

You might enjoy one of these...


Rainy Day Alternative (mix of lower key alternative rock/pop):


Chillin' (mix of electronic songs with minimal vocals):


Made a pretty unique, extremely chill and relaxing playlist that is 24hrs! Put it on shuffle and lay back and relax infusing elements of hip hop and electronic music into a new influx of melodies, beats and everything in between.
Soul summer night.jpg

Maybe the tracks that producer Mindseye creates could be somewhat up your alley too?

hi @VanderNyd

well balanced playlist.


i'd like to make two suggestions:


1 shining



2. may i ask




keep it up






Hey man, hope you enjoy the track and let me know what you think!

Really nice playlist, you may consider this treack

Here are some of my indie pop downtempo songs. Love your playlist!

Hi, it's really nice playlist ! Here's my Instrumental Hip Hop tape vibin in funky/soulful/jazzy moods. Maybe you find here some fresh stuff for your playlist. Thank you in advance!

Peace & Love


Not sure if you're looking for downtempo artists, but I have just released an electronic/downtempo album called Liquid Univere:



You may enjoy my Seascapes Smooth Jazz instrumentals playlist, 65+ hours of the best Smooth Jazz:

My track is def downtempo! Hope you'll consider it!

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