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Sleepy Piano


Sleepy Piano

Sleepy piano tunes for sleeping, concentration and focus. Slow instrumental piano music. Sounds like Peaceful Piano, 88keys, Sleep and more.


Enjoy! 🙂

My Post (3).jpg
9 Replies

Hi! Sorry to be cheeky. Could I possibly submit my first Instrumental Piano track release? I'm going for 'calming', 'relaxing' 'chilled' vibes. 

If you could try and see if you think it works for your playlists, I would very much appreiate it 🙂

Lovely playlist! All the best 

@KevinImbrechts Yes, these will definitely put me to sleep 🙂 

@imnochessman I'm not a piano expert, but your piano instrumental is very relaxing and calming. Keep it up!


@sriver Thank you! 🙂

@imnochessman You're welcome! 🙂

Hi there, I'm almost 2 years late to this post but I'm loving your pick!


I'm wondering if you are open for submissions and keen to add my song to the playlist? I think my soothing piano pop song, Rembulan, might be suitable for this playlist, but feel free to add it somewhere else you deem fit. I recently released this song along with 4 others, on a mission to be a companion in times of isolation, anxiety, or whenever you feel the need to unwind.


Here's the link to Rembulan:


Hope you like it. Thank you very much in advance and wish you a lovely new year 🙂

I also write sleepy piano music check out this track:

Great Playlist!
Thank you for sharing.
I am a pianist and I wrote a song, that could fit perfect. Perhaps it works for you.
Thank you for your time.

Hello and congratulations for the playlist!

I'd like to propose a calm and relaxing solo piano composition of mine

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