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Spread Your Playlist


Spread Your Playlist

874 Replies

Chill Out is a collection of Electronic Chillout, Downtempo, and Ambient tunes that promise pure relaxation. Unwind with the gentle beats and harmonious melodies to a state of peace and inner calm. Let the electronic waves wash over you as you drift into a world of serenity and chill.


Also my other playlists are here 😊

Dance music to feel and heal emotions:

Some fresh rap bangers from Canada to expand your music taste! Fr don’t sleep on these artists


#Country #IndieRock #Rock #Caribbean #Metal #Reggae #AfroBeats #R&B

Hi All

Quite a niche one as these are unknown bands. I created this with a anchor point of a band called Blythe and added bands the best bands they have gigged with. Enjoy. These are some awesome grunge/rock/indie tunes. 


Thanks for looking




My other playlists 

Great playlist! If you want, check out my album linked below. It's my most mellow musical creations. A couple might fit well into this already solid playlist! 

For real bitches that never die. gender inclusive. 

Ambient & Drone music playlist. Feel free to message me here, or via IG @scarredsanity to be featured on it.

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