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Vaporwave and Lofi Playlists


Vaporwave and Lofi Playlists

I’m deelovesamy and I’m a lofi and vaporwave producer in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. I just started using Spotify a few weeks ago. I love the community aspect of it. So far, I have 2 playlists and an EP on my profile for you guys to check out. Let me know what think and if you artists have songs that would fit my vibe, message me ASAP!

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dopppppeee man, I followed both

Excellent taste on this playlist. Especially dig the title, it's perfect! I think this would fit the vibe you've created.

I added your song to my playlist! Thanks for sending it. Please follow my
playlist as it’s just getting started. I’m trying to build something


Thanks so much! I'm listening to AK Plaza right now. I like "enjoy your weekend". Dope bass!!

Hello Their,
Done following hope you follow me to here is mine 
Spotify URL:




Here's another one i just made. i'll add a couple of your tracks bruh.

I think this could be your vibe, I think that fits tell me if you pick it please, is for promoting it .THNX

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