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App crashing on Google Pixel

We’re receiving reports where the app causes the device to crash. The issue seems to be affecting Google Pixel devices only.

Some users also mention that it takes a really long time to load the app. When hitting play on a song, it flickers between the lock screen and black before powering off.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your rapports - this should now be fixed! Make sure to restart the app, should you still experience issues.

Cheers 🙂

Spotify app keeps crashing on my phone (Google pixel 7). I've restarted my phone, cleared cache, cleared data, un-installed and re-installed the app, ran a virus scan of my phone just in case I got a virus (scan came back clear) and the app still crashes when I open it.

Started happening with me, Xiaomi Redmi Note 13, a completely different Android build. I assume Spotify has introduced a breaking change? unsure when my app was last updated...


The same issue on my end.  Pixel 7, went through the same troubleshoot steps with no luck.  As soon as I open the Spotify app, it crashes.


My Spotify app is also crashing saying that there's a bug and wait for Spotify to send an update on play store. I think this started happening after updating the Google Play System to the latest on my Samsung S24 Ultra.


a few hours ago it started crashing too 


Same issue on Pixel 7. Crashes seconds after opening the app. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and checked for updates. No luck.


Same thing on my wife's account but my account is fine.  Tried on multiple devices, same results 


I'm also having the same issue, the app is up to date. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same issue with the spotify app closing instantly. Currently using Galaxy s24 Ultra.


I have the same issue,  android says to want for an spotify app update that fixes the issue. Fix it asap, please, spotify. Thats not the Performance I pay for im Premium 


Update: looks like Spotify is working again.  No longer closing down on its own after starting the app.  Did not see an update go through.