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Issues with playing tunes outside of Liked Songs or playlists on the desktop app

Hey there,


We're aware of issues with playing songs outside of the Liked Songs collection or playlists.


This is being investigated.

Hi folks,


A few days have passed, so the latest version which includes the fix should now be available to everyone! You'll find more info on how to update the app in this article.


Once again thank you all for the collective effort in aiding us during the investigation. You're awesome!



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Awesome! Thanks for confirming folks! I'm honestly so happy to finally hear that!


A massive thank you to each and every one of you in this thread. The help and dedication you've shown here is beyond admirable, and for that you have our utmost respect!


We'll give this a few more days so that the others can also confirm the desktop app's working normally now. Fingers crossed!


Cheers everyone! You rock!


Hey there,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


This is an interesting observation, for which we'd need a video recording to fully understand what is going on on your end. Could someone prepare one?


In the meantime you can try removing the albums from your collection, if you have many of them saved. This alleviates similar issues on a mobile device, although the apps differ in many ways, it's worth a try.


We'd also need the exact Spotify version installed on the desktop and if the issue is occurring with a different account.


Keep us posted,




Hi, thanks for the response.

Here are the exact specifics of the issue as I am experiencing it:

  • I can play any song from any of my playlists
  • I can play any song from any playlist I have access to
  • I can play the songs even if I do so from their original album
  • I CANNOT play any other song that is not on one of my playlists - whether from search, auto-play, or the album itself
  • If I add a song to one of my playlists, it immediately becomes playable
  • If I then remove the song from said playlist, I can still play it UNTIL I close and re-open Spotify, at which point I cannot play it
  • I have no albums saved to my library, only playlists
  • If I add an album to my library, I still cannot play any song in it, unless that song also appears in at least one of my playlists
  • No new applications or system updates were installed between it working and not working

System info of my home PC, which has this issue:

Spotify for Windows
Last working version unknown, but it was working on 2022-06-17
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.19044 build 19044


System info of my work PC, which does NOT have this issue:

Spotify for Windows
(updated from, which also did not have the issue)

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.19044 build 19044


The web player does not have the issue, on either PC. Spotify on my (android) phone also does not have the issue.

Attached is a screen recording demonstrating that playlist songs can be played, other songs cannot, and that adding a song to a playlist makes it playable.

I hope some of this information is helpful in narrowing down the bug!


Having the same issue here.  Can only play songs that are liked or in a playlist.  This is only affecting my PC all other devices work fine.  I have done a full uninstall and clean download - still happens.  Logged into Spotify on my PC with another account and still happens.

It is not an account issue.


Same here


I have the exact same issue and it doesnt seem to be fixed by any methods listed on and off the site.



Hey folks, 

Thank you for keeping in contact and for the information shared. 

It would be great if you could have someone log in with their account on your device with the issue - such as a friend or a family member, to see if the issue persists. This will help us understand if it could be account-related or not.

If the issue persists and if you haven't done it yet, include in your next response the make, model and OS version of your device, along with the Spotify version you're currently running. With this, we can keep investigating further.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We'll be on the lookout.


I have logged in with another account and the issue was on that account too.

Windows 10

Spotify for Windows

Device name DESKTOP-JO7N5ND
Installed RAM 8.00 GB
Device ID 942B4A53-34EF-475A-A461-806606C414A2
Product ID 00325-80439-46483-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display


Hi @IanSc,


Thanks for your reply.


In this case, could you uninstall the app once more, then restart the computer in Windows Safe Mode and reinstall the app? To enter Safe Mode, type "msconfig" into your computer's Search bar > hit enter on System Configuration > select the ‘Boot’ tab > select 'Safe Boot (with networking)'. Then, restart your computer. Afterwards, download Spotify and try logging back in before restarting your computer again. 


We'll keep the music down until we hear back from you. 


Hi @AndresM


I did a full uninstall, restarted with safe boot and reinstalled, downloaded again, reinstalled, logged in and then restarted and unfortunately the problem is still there.


Any further thoughts?


Hi @AndresM






PC desktop

Operating System

Windows 10 pro

Spotify for Windows

Already reinstalled of the app,this problem persisted for a month ,but web version is fine,I don't like web version steaming quality.