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Performance issues on iOS devices

Hey folks,


We've received reports that iOS users are experiencing technical issues on their devices (running version or higher). The app is crashing or the playback suddenly stops.


 This is being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should be fixed in version If you don't see a pending update, you can manually update from Spotify's App Store page.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Top Answer

Hey folks!

For anyone still experiencing this issue - please refer to the new thread over here.
We'll keep you posted!








iPhone 6s / 6GB free space. 

Operating System

iOS 15.7.9.

Spotify version

App settings

Local network : off. Background app refresh : on. ( has not changed from previous iOS version ).


My Question or Issue

Spotify stops playing songs after upgrade to iOS 15.7.9. Can be in 15 min, can be in 2 hrs. When it stops, I see the progress "dots" in the screen. Requires then a phone restart to get it going again.  


Wifi connection ok. Internet connection ok. Battery ok. Bluetooth enabled to play via speakers. Speakers connected via different wifi network than phone. Latest version Spotify installed





United States


iPhone 7 Plus

Operating System

IOS 15.7.9


My Question or Issue

Spotify app on my older iphone has been consistently crashing for about three months. The app stops playing music and the album art is replaced with the default music symbol. This occurs after a few songs have played(usually ~5-7 songs) or if I skip through the same amount of songs.

I am planning on switching to a new streaming services if this problem persists but wanted to try posting here to get any new solutions. My phone has over 100gb of free storage and this issue happens over wifi and cellular data.
Solutions I have tried:
-Deleting and reinstalling the app.
-Performed a clean reinstall
-Removing all downloaded music and podcast saved in local storage
-Turning off canvas art feature


I'm having exactly the same problem.

Spotify version

Plan Premium, country Belgium, Background app refresh : on, etc...


I upgraded iOS today to 17.0.1. thinking it would hep

I tried a reinstall of the spotify app, clear the cache, clear safari cache, tried to deconnect then reconnect using "normal" username, change some settings, tried everything, basically, that I could find online....


The problem is still happening. It happens with offline playlists or online playlists, playlists created by me or others. Sometimes when the music stops I don't have to restart the device but quitting spotify and relaunching it solves the problem, sometimes not.


Everything else works fine on the device. It's a very annoying problem. I'm trying Apple music for a month out of frustration, hope you can resolve the issue in the meantime.


I have had the same exact issues as everyone in this thread and it's incredibly frustrating. I literally cannot get through even a few songs without having to restart the Spotify app.


Spotify Version:


Devices on which issues are persisting:

- iPod Touch 7th Gen, iOS 15.7.9

- iPhone 7, iOS 15.7.9


Devices on which issues DO NOT occur:

- OnePlus 7T, Android 12


Steps to reproduce:

1) Open App

2) Pick ANY song regardless of playlist or location

3) Skip a few songs

4) Music stops playing, nothing can be controlled in the app, need to close & restart app

5) Restart app, same issues happen after skipping a few songs


Steps to fix, but didn't work:

- Cleared cache

- Removed downloaded songs from device

- Logged out

- Uninstalled app

- Restarted device

- Reinstalled app


This happens regardless of bluetooth/wifi being on and also happens even if my songs are downloaded locally.


Spotify mods, please confirm if an update is coming to rectify this issue on older iPhones and iPod Touch!!!!! Spotify is unusable on my iPod!!!!


Aaaand crashing after 4 skips again. So why did this not happen a couple of years back? 


Have the same problem 

IPhone 7 Plus 

iOS 15.7.9

Spotify version


Yo también estoy presentando exactamente el mismo problema.


Tengo un iPod touch de 7ma generación y se actualizó el iOS a la versión 15.7.9 y estoy escuchando música y la app se traba y no me deja seguir con otras canciones ni poner play o pausa :c ayuda por favor 


I have the same issue… I tried everything it’s not working and we cannot reach Spotify’s assistance. It drives me crazy. Did U find a way to solve this problem? 


I'm having the same issue


iPhone 7 plus

iOS 15.7.9

Spotify version


I've done a clean reinstall and the problem is still there. It happens when I'm connected to Wifi or mobile data and also on when I'm listening through bluetooth headphones or the wired headphones.




Hey there,


Thanks for the reports and the shared info. We've relayed the details to our tech team.


In the meantime we suggest you to make sure your app is up to date so you don't miss out on a potential fix.