Spotify slowing computer and using a lot of memory to run.


Spotify slowing computer and using a lot of memory to run.

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I am having some technical trouble and this was the board that closet resembled the help I need.


Spotify is causing my computer to run slowly, including causing scripts to fail on my computer.  I usually start by opening the windows Task Manager when the computer starts running slowly, and I found something strange when I did. I put the running programmes in descending order based on Prvate Working Set Memory, starting with the biggest 'consumers' going to the smallest. Spotify.exe *32 is the second largest memory user, with Firefox being the first. In 4th place is SpotifyHelper.exe *32. That seems pretty standard. I get a bit confused after that, however, as SpotifyHelper.exe *32 then shows up 11 more times in the list, each using varying amounts of memory.


Is there any reason why it shows up so many times?


I can get my computer speed back up to normal if I end the spotify.exe process, and that also removes the spotifyhelper ones too. The downside to that of course is that I then can't use it, and £120 a year is a lot of money to pay out for something I can't use. Admitedly, most of the time I spend using Spotify is overnight. My block of flats gets awful at nights and without playing music I get woken up by every 3am argument and slamming doors etc. However, I also like to use Spotify while writing, doing the housework, with friends etc etc. And I can't use it when I write any more because it slows the computer too much for me to use Word. I am currently writing my 3rd book- so it kind of sucks.


If anyone can help explain why this happens and how I can fix it, I would be very grateful.


I use Windows 7, my laptop is an Acer Aspire One, and it has a 64 bit Operating System. I defragment the computer once a week. I have a good antivirus running continually, but I do a deep scan once a week, along side the Malware software. I have back ups etc. I try to keep my computer in good health as it were, following the Advice of my Aunt, who is an IT technician. I use Firefox as my browswer- I am not sure if that is relevent to why it keeps making scripts crash or not? I say it is Spotify somehow causing the failing scripts and plug-in errors because they don't happen when I have completely shut Spotify down. So while there is a chance they aren't related it sounds to me like they are.


I hope that is all the information you need. And thank you so much in advance to anyone who might be able to help me fix this. I would be gutted if I had to cancell my subscription!

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Re: Spotify slowing computer and using a lot of memory to run.

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It is down to how the Spotify client renders pages. Spotify is built on top of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) which is used to render the majority of the pages you see in the client (playlists being the main exception).

Due to how Chromium is designed, and you will see this in Chrome browser too, each page in Spotify is essentially open as it's own tab, and in chrome world that means each page runs in it's own process. It is pretty resource heavy, however it has the added bonus that a single page can't crash the whole Spotify client. Seeing multiple SpotifyHelpers is completely normal.

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Re: Spotify slowing computer and using a lot of memory to run.


well im sorry but i came to find an answer to the problem i share with the OP and that didn't answer much


Re: Spotify slowing computer and using a lot of memory to run.


To speed up my PC i wnt into Spotify Settings and deseleced all Show Tracks from local media options.