30 minutes of ad-free listening qualms

30 minutes of ad-free listening qualms


Hi! I know I've seen this discussed before, but it's something a friend and I have been mutually expressing our distaste about the past couple of days so I decided to bring it up again. I promise this won't be redundant, lol.


This started when my premium membership expired and I was brought back to the world of ad-listening. I realized that when I got the 30 minutes prompt, I only ever got around 15 minutes until ads started playing again. I decided to time it, to make sure my concept of time wasn't just wonky. I did it twice, and got a little over 10 minutes each time. To quote my good friend Will, "It [Spotify] just couldn't wait to shove macdonald good hamburger [the ad I got] down ur throat huh".


I was confused, so I went onto these forums for help and the solution was to do either one of two things:

- Make sure you didn't press no thanks (I hadn't)

- Make sure you actually watch the video with your eyes and don't just listen to it from outside of the app (I also hadn't the two times I timed it.)


So, I watched the video the next time- didn't navigate to any other apps or anything while watching it- and the time between that and when I got my next ad was 4 minutes and 39 seconds. Like, okay, it's kinda funny how not true the 30 minutes is. I'm saying this completely non-maliciously. I really like this service (been here for 7 years baby!), this problem is just annoying. I've also had a couple other issues with the 30 minutes thing- I just tried to time it again and double-prove my "actually watched the video" time, but just got more ads after I watched the video, which was strange. I'm wondering if there's some sort of bug or glitch going on in this part of the system? I'm not an expert on app coding by any means, but because this isn't a problem that only I'm facing it could be something bigger than just a mistake on my end. 


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