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Add to Queue button has disappeared on Windows 10 desktop app

Add to Queue button has disappeared on Windows 10 desktop app






Lenovo Thinkpad

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Window 10


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This started last week. I was experiencing stuttering in my music (about every 4 seconds) when played with the Spotify app on my desktop, so I

  1. Restarted my computer (didn't work)
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify

After I reinstalled the Spotify desktop app, I noticed the stuttering was gone, but so was the "Add to Queue" button . I tried going to different songs, podcasts, etc., and both right clicked on the content and also clicked the three dots, and there was no option to add to queue. I can still open the queue, but there's no way to add anything to it so it remains sadly empty. So I

  1. Restarted my computer again (couldn't hurt, didn't help) 
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify (again, twice)
  3. Cleared my cache (didn't work)
  4. Followed the steps for a completely clean reinstall of Spotify (twice, didn't work)

After none of that worked, I decided to just use the web player to listen to music, where the "add to queue" button was still available. It is also still available on my phone and on my home desktop, where I also use the desktop app. I (once again) uninstalled the Spotify app from my Lenovo, waited a week, and tried to do another clean reinstall today. Still no add to queue button. 



P.S. I had to fix a label error when I tried posting this, and then it wouldn't let me post it once I fixed the error because I tried to post more than twice in 300 seconds. Because I was fixing the error that your system told me to fix. Sometimes y'alls automation goes too hard. 

spotify issue.JPG
other spotify issue.JPG
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Hey @mandobot,

Thanks for sharing this issue with us.
So that we can take a closer look at it, would you mind sharing a screenshot from your app for any given song, showing the same menu as in our screenshot below :?
Much appreciated! 🙂

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