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Ads and morals

Ads and morals

I understand Spotify needs advertisements to support it, like everything else. I don't understand how Spotify (or any other company/web site) continue to provide ads for the completely corrupt and shady Wells Fargo.

They should not be allowed to continue being propped up like they're a legitimate banking instiution. Ads should not only produce revenue, but actually be something a consumer would have interest in.

The only interest in Wells Fargo should be watching them disappear into the forgotten world of crooks and con artists of the past.

I held premium once. With Spotify holding Wells Fargo's hand in gaining new customers, it makes me think more and more about not even using the free service and dealing with Slack, Pandora, or any other competitor.

Please rethink your ad choices before more listeners of Spotify decide to abandon ship. And no, I refuse to pay for premium knowing this company plays Wells Fargo ads to non-premium users.

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