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Ads from other apps pause Spotify- how to change this?

Ads from other apps pause Spotify- how to change this?

How do I stop advertising video sounds from pausing the music I stream on my Spotify (premium) account?


sometimes it doesn’t pause and I hear both the music from the ad and Spotify which i could live with if this were always the case.


but I’d prefer if the ads were automatically silent when I listen to music. Is this even possible?

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Hey @Arya4


I suggest turning off the Communications setting Windows has, that may cause this issue. You can do it like this:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon on the Taskbar. Select 'Sounds'.

2. The opened window should have tabs for playback, recording, sounds and communications. Go to the communications.

3. Set Windows to do nothing. Click OK.


Another trick that would silence the ads is muting that other app that has ads playing. This will mean there will be no sounds playing from that particular app.
You can mute a specific app doing this:
1. Right-click on the speaker icon on Taskbar and select "Open volume mixer"
2. In the opened window you'll see a bunch of programs (those that play audio). Find the app with ads and click on the speaker icon under its volume slider (or pull the slider down).


If neither of them do the trick, please let me know what app is it that plays ads. Maybe there's a third way 🙂


Keep me posted!

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