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Album Not Appearing in Google Maps

Album Not Appearing in Google Maps

Google Maps or Spotify seems to have updated and now albums no longer appear when Google Maps is the main screen. Every single album is like this. Just a gray box with nothing there. I’ve tried uninstalling both apps and disconnecting them but nothing works. 


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I am glad to see I am not the only having this issue. It's been like that for months.

I have also tried everything but always get the grey square instead of the album art in Google Maps.

The album cover is showing correctly when I use other music services, so it must be something between Google and Spotify.

same issue here

I noticed that the album art will show correctly if skipping to the next song then going back again to the previous song using the controls in Google Maps.

Same behavior. Both apps reinstalled several times, no change. It works on an iphone 7, but not on the 13 mini.

Same for me iPhone 13 mini

neither did it work on my iphone XR or my iphone 14 (brand new)

Same here has been like this since I got this phone (14 Pro). Skipping the track and going back to the previous one fixes it but its gone again as soon as a new song starts playing. Anyone found a fix yet?

Confirmed this works for me too! thanks

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