All songs from library deleted


All songs from library deleted

Hey so no idea if this is the right place... 

I mostly use the web player. I was listening to music when it suddenly stopped mid-song, reloading didn't help so I wanted to check my library which had trouble loading (pink please reloade banner appeared) and when it finally worked all songs were gone... Logging out and then in again didn't help.


I had a lot of songs in the library and I would hate to have to find them all again! Can anyone help? 



Edit: On another computer now and they're back! No idea if for good but I hope so! Going to keep this thread open because some other people have/had the same issues...

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Same thing is happening to me.  I think it's a connection issue, I'm fairly sure our libraries are safe.  I don't have a solution.

I tried looking for solutions, but all I found were some crazy one related to HOSTS files (which seems insane, and mine is as I expect it to look).

Thank you! The fact that I am not the only one makes me feel a bit better. It means that there's a chance that it will come back on its own...

Yep, just logged in and "It's a bit empty here..." Whole album library gone?!


Recently played is still there, including the album I last played from my library. Either way this is way uncool, I'd like them back thanks. And stop messing with the web player! If it works, don't touch it, you are just making it worse / buggier every time.

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Looks like the issue's resolved itself now.

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