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[Android] [Developer] content based recommendations

[Android] [Developer] content based recommendations

How about a feature that makes suggestions based on the CONTENT.

Content in the sense of:

- tempo

- mood (happy, melancholic, sad)

- sound (used instruments, guitars amount of distortion in the sound)

- rythm (rock'n roll is straight forward 4/4, bossa nova has a very specific basic rythm-pattern)

- allow "breakouts" into direction of basic musicstyles like latin, jazz, rock, funk, classic, bluegrass, folk etc.

- combine characteristics like funky+latin, happymood+jazz


- adjustable deviation limits like 10% deviation from my habits, 30%. 50%


as a final comment:

you even made rules like "Te idea exchange requires at least one label for each idea. This is KILLING innovation. Good luck with your new kind of "radio-station"

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Your system is overruled by algorithms. I tried to type it my own words as tags. did not work. So I tried some words from the list then I got the error


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