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App for windows Surface Tablet

App for windows Surface Tablet

Hey all.


I have a wonderful Windows Surface tablet, but I Can't use Spotify.


I can't use it because I can't download programs from the internet and install this on my tablet, I only can use apps out the windows store.


Spotify doesn't have a app in the windows store, and it is really annoying me that I only can use my premium account on my phone I want use it on my tablet!!


Have anyone a idea how I can use it on my tablet.... Our is there coming a App for windows 8 (surface)???


I hope some one can help me.


Oh.. ps I have tried the video of youtube but this also doesn't work :(....

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Hi. There's no solution that I know of. Add your support to this idea.

still waiting for a sindows surface app!

who else?

do someone have a other option?


Also would appreciate Windows RT app.


Not sure what the point of paying for a premium account is when I can't use it on the device I use most often, I don't want to have music playing on one thing whilst working on another. Bring out an app for Surface Tablets!!

Also waiting!

+1 Time to stop ignoring the Windows platform.  Let's see the updated Windows Phone app, hopefully taking advantage of 8.1 features, followed by a Windows Store app.

You should not be having trouble with playing Spotify on Windows Surface. I use the Spotify web player from the page with mine or in the Windows store there is Spotlite which is from a third partyand both work well.


I will also add that if I use the Spotlite App from the Microsoft Windows Store I then have the ability to PLAY to my Pioneer receiver as a device by using the Windows Charms

How do you manage this?  I get " app cannot play to a device at the moment".  Some other apps do and some web sites as well eg bbc iplayer site radio in explorer. The spotify web site tries to and says playing to my pioneer dlna speaker but no sound.

I am in UK an surface 2.

make sure your Pioneer receiver is updated with latest software for spotify.  Make sure that the receiver is in the correct mode like media server and then mak sure that spotify web player is actually playing something. also check sound settings in control panel, for windows and make sure playback is to correct destination



Did you get around this? I'm experiencing the same problem. Nokia Music as well as the built in Music app can play to my Pioneer VSX-528, but Spotlite cannot.



i'm also bumping for a Windows RT App! The Spotlite app doesn't work properly and many features are missing. Also it's more complicated to use the webbrowser due to the fact that spotify would be a tab and not an icon in the taskbar.

If Spotify team doesnt care about WIndows Phone app why do care about our WinRT?

I have given up with Spotify because Connect (play to DLNA speaker) is NOT an option on windows phone (unlike IOS and android) and there is not Windows 8.1 app .  I moved to DEEZER at nearly half the price in UK . I can use IE browser play to  but most of my music listened to via logitech squeezebox server and devices with app that plays Deezer wonderfully.

Was excited to learn that Spotify finally came to Canada. Very dissapointed to find out it doesn't have an offical app for my Surface 2 or my Windows phone. Will be skipping a family pass for now.

true they don't have official app but Spotlite in Microsoft store works very well on Surface 2

I found that if you go to the spotify website and slide or scroll down the page until you see the "get free" words in yellow and tap or click that, it will direct you to download the spotify program. Once you have saved or opened the program and you have logged into your spotify account you can hit the home page button on your surface and find it in your apps.  From there you can pin it to your wall. 

Did'nt work for me :(.. I cannot download anything without being announed with 'open windows store if you would like to download apps on this PC' ... maybe some magc website you used? also Spotlite is removed from app store, which is not making things any better :P.. other options? 🙂

yes, unfortunately the app no longer works and is longer available in store to update.

Why isn't there a Windows App?  I'm tired of paying $10/month for something that is a pain to use.


Does Spotify even reply to these posts?  They KNOW that there are alternatives, right?



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