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B&O and Spotify Connect


B&O and Spotify Connect

I have troubles to use my Spotify Connect on my B&O A9.


They wont connect! just stuck on "connecting" for maybe 5 seconds, then continue on my phone, not the speaker, however Airplay works perfect! thats just not viable with my Android Phone and Windows PC. 


Is there any known issues right now? 


EVERYTHING is updated. Reset, rebooted, anything you can imagine, even fresh Spotify accounts. 

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Whoa, this is an enormous setback for me, as I also have the Mark 1 A9 from B&O. Connect suddenly stopped working since last week - and after digging a while appearently my unit isn't support anymore?? I'm just baffled by this - B&O designed this unit for Spotify Connect - and now the 'solution' is to just use suboptimal AirPlay? Come on guys...


As some of the other users in this thread say: I can't believe that two (or at least one) of these high-standard brands decide to pull the plug on such a costworthy device... I'm just shocked that I can't make use of Connect anymore... 


Really hope this device will be supported soon again. Please. 


I have the same problem with B&O A9 (gen 1). I've been trying to make it work for two weeks now... no notice or anything from Spotify or B&O.



Unbelievable.... received this yesterday


25 Feb, 22:04 CET

Dear Mr. Van De Wiel,

Thank you for contacting the B&O Play Support.

We are sorry for the inconveniences with Spotify Connect, I regretfully inform you that Spotify has removed server support for some products across different brands and, unfortunately, our Beoplay A9 Mk1 is one of those units affected.

Although Spotify Connect will not be available in your Beoplay A9 it still supports streaming services from Spotify in other ways of wireless connection like Apple AirPlay and Chromecast.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

Ivan H.
B&O PLAY Support
Visit us at: B&O PLAY, The Journal and Facebook

Beoplay Support

Ivan H.




@spotify ???

In addition, just checked the purchase date, 31-12-2013. Worthless in 4 years and 2 months. 😞


wondering if B&O and Spotify agreed a 5 year license in 2013 which has now ended...

Spotify confirmed the Mark 2 works and the mark 1 would work if B&O updated the firmware on it to a later spotify connect version. So come on Bang & Olufsen, sort this out

Oh really... this is getting tricky - B&O says it's Spotify's thing, and vice versa? 
Seems like we need to shake both trees to get this fixed... Thanks for the update. Hope that with all our efforts combined, we can get this issue properly fixed eventually!

I have replied again to the response B&O has send me (pasted above), maybe it helps if additional support requests are being sent:



Allyce (BEOPLAY)
26 Feb, 10:57 CET

Dear Mr. Wiel,

Thank you for contacting the B&O Play Support regarding your A9.

I can completely understand your feeling about this change. We are just as upset to have this change happen without warning as well. As much as we wish there was something we can do about this, this was a decision made by Spotify that we did not have any control over. I truly apologize for this.

For other workarounds to play Spotify content on your A9 without the Connect service, please see their support page here.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

B&O PLAY Support

I expect roughly the same reply to the message I sent to B&O this morning. Even though it makes sense, it makes me sad that they (also Spotify) come up with this workaround. I just really hope these two brands can make Spotify Connect work again for our devices...

After chatting with Spotify support (a few copy-pastes): 




Francis G. at 14:33, Feb 26:
Upon check the the system, it seems that Beoplay A9 Mk1 is no longer supported by Spotify. As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we are removing the app from Bang & Olufesen speakers.

Robert van de Wiel at 14:35, Feb 26:
Definitely? All B&O speakers? Leaving me with a €2000 worthless device only 4 years old?

Francis G. at 14:36, Feb 26:
Unfortunately. All B&O speakers are no longer supported by Spotify. 

Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the changes in the recent Spotify update.

We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We can't say if or when any specific features will be back, but as soon as we’ve got anything to announce we’ll let everyone know over on the Spotify Community at

Robert van de Wiel at 14:45, Feb 26:
This is definitely a reason to overthink my Spotify account. My A9 was the main use for this... really really not happy with this decision:(

Francis G. at 14:46, Feb 26:
I completely understand that. This was a business decision between Spotify and B&O. Really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.



So. In time all B&O devices. Due to a business decision between both brands 😞



Same probleem here, 


I have had contact With spotify last week and send around 40(!) e-mails. They tried to reset my spotify account and Some more things but nothing fixed the problem. They said I should contact b&o but they did not say annything about they totally removed connect for the a9 mk1.


I hope they fix this because it’s absolutely crazy to buy a €2000 speaker and lose the most important function within 3 years. 

As this affects all B&O users, please vote for them to reconsider bringing Spotify connect back to our devices:


100 votes are needed to get this on the agenda

Ok, let's all vote here - good to know that this is the way to get our voices heard. 
Let's then hope that Spotify will really work with this... I'm still amazed about this whole situation, as I imagine you are as well. 

Unless Spotify want to pay for the upgrade to an A9 Mark 2 unit... 

As I understand this concerns all B&O devices, so the Mk2 is or will be disconnected soon 😕

If that's the case I really wouldn't understand Spotify's decision to do this. Then it would be up to B&O to push for Connect integration/support as well... this heavily impacts their productline... 

terrible. this thing is useless to me now!

Now B&O are telling me it was nothing to do with them and it's a hardware limitation that's stopping them upgrading.

I wouldn't expect the guys operating support to know about a 'business decision' or 'hardware limitations', so I'm wondering who we can get a straight answer from...

My sentiment exactly - I'm not sure anymore what to do to get Connect working again for the A9. Though it seems like it was Spotify that pulled the plug on this one... to 'improve the overall spotify experience' as they told me...

Let's try to keep making noise about this, to both Spotify as well as B&O. Can't imagine that they're happy with this and let this happen since it affects their products heavily... 

I contacted BeoPlay support and they say it is a hardware limitation and therefore no firmware update is coming out.


Here is there answer:


Dear XX,

We are very sorry to inform you that the A9 MkI can't be updated to support Spotify because of hardware limitations. This is why A9 MkII supports Spotify when MkI does not, which is also the reason why no updates will be coming for A9 MkI.

Spotify decision to remove the support was not something within our control and we can only apologize as there is little we can do other than to offer you the workaround method through airplay.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

B&O PLAY Support
Visit us at: B&O PLAY, The Journal and Facebook

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