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[BB] Spotify won't log in on my Blackberry Bold

[BB] Spotify won't log in on my Blackberry Bold

I have Spotify Premium on my PC and Blackberry Bold 9790.


I've had it on my Blackberry for months and it has worked perfectly since I first installed it. It is set to automatically log in, with my user name and password saved, every time I open it up.


But now, I click on the app, it goes to the log in page and the wheel just spins and spins and it never logs in. I'm not getting any error codes and I have deleted it and reinstalled it twice, neither of which worked.


Getting annoyed now seeing as I'm paying the Premium amount! 

2 Replies

Same problem thought it was just me. Worked for months! Why now!! I'm on a 9360

Hi, I'm having this same problem too!


I set up spotify premiium last night, checked compatibility on my BB bold 9780 and it said I was compatible, downloaded the app, but it won't work.


The problem I'm having is when I open the app it says "disc if full, free up some space" ....but there is loads of memory left on my phone and loads left in my BB app world, so where am I supposed to "free up some space" from???

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