[BB] Sync problems with SD card.

[BB] Sync problems with SD card.


Hey, I've been messing about trying to sync offline on my Blackberry 9300 for a few hours now, 

When I connect my Blackberry to my computer via USB port, and I go on the Spotify app, it just says "Spotify requires an SD card. Please insert one to continue.." I've got a 2GB SD card in my phone, why won't it recognise it?


I've looked through all the spotify FAQs but nothing seems to work right, for example when it says go to the Spotify app login screen and press the menu button and press select SD card, well there is no option to do that on my Blackberry, and I do have a SD card. 


 Please help before I take my phone into the garage!

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You may need up date the Firmware on your Blackberry device.
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I had exactly the same issue on my blackberry bold 9700. Updating software on the phone did not solve the issue.

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