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BLUESOUND and Spotify Connect

BLUESOUND and Spotify Connect

Bluesound announced that spotify is supporting bluesound products. However I don't find bluesound devices in the spotify connect device list. Any suggestions?
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I assume you have a premium subscription. Have you updated your speaker firmware to 1.10 or higher? If you still have problems, head over to the bluesound site.

I also don't see any other devices in the list.

Only my IPhone when I play Spotify on my IPhone. (not my IPad).

But when I play music on my IPad with Spotify I don't see any device. (also not "This Device", the IPad itself)

I have the same issue. I upgraded my subscription to premium, I have the latest firmware and apps for everything and my new blue sound vault does not show up in Spotify connect. Did you ever find a solution to this?

The problem seemed to be in my modem/router. Apparently certain ports were not forwarded automatically. Lucky enough that my modem went dead and I got a new one from my provider (went from Ubee to Cisco modem). Then it worked automatically.


If you have the problem with Bluesound devices, their helpdesk is willing to look remote into your problem. At least, they offered me to do that.


Good Luck!



I'm on BluOS version 1.14.1 and Spotify connect works well with the Bluesound node.

Below message I posted on the support site of Bluos:


When I want to play music from my Spotify account (premium) through my Apple IPad on my player, it's not possible to select my Bluesound Player. The Icon is simply not there. When I try the same using my Android Phone or my Android Tablet (both Samsung) everything works fine. What could cause the problem with the IPad?

The Bluesound player is connected to the network via the wired network connection. Also the Ipad is on the same network (via WiFi).
Like explained, when I use the Samsung Android Tablet or my Samsung Android Phone, all works fine.
One way or the other, the Ipad does link to the player from the Spotify App.
When I use the Bluos app on the Ipad and select f.i. one of the standard radios, that works fine.
Disconnecting/reconnecting Spotify does not solve the problem, also reinstalling the Spotify app does not help.


Unfortunately Bluos could not help me and directed me to contact Spotify.

So now I turn to this community, hopefully someone can help.


I have the same problem with my node 2 & Pulse Flex all recently updated. Using Bluesound controller & selecting Spotify connect screen comes up to play music in Spotify only plays on the device you are using. There are none of my Spotify playlists listed in the connect app. any suggestions to solve this problem?

Here is the same. Samsung S7. All the latest firmware for Bluesound. Suddenly the NODE2 is not found anymore. The PULSE is recognized though. Strange but have the feeling it is an issue in Spotify more then Bluesound.

In my Bluesound App and desktop dasboard the NODE2 is recognized and I can listen to TuneIN. Anyone ideas to kind of let spotify look for the NODE2?

I have the problem that we can't connect with other devices to the powernode 2, my spouse and daugters devices are able to connect but not myself. Had numerous contact with bluesound about this. The problem came with an upgrade from (which I can't remember) before that it worked. It seems that the are only a number of units being able to connect to the powernode 2. The way I solved it last time was to log out all devices reinstall the same and then I was able to get the one and only device to control the powernode. So if the problem is with bluesound or spotify connect, beats me. And how to know if you have logged out from all devices.....facebook controls your life apparently

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