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Bad Windows Phone app

Bad Windows Phone app


Spotify seriously need to do some work with their Windows Phone 8 app. The basic functionality is there and is decent enough, but I'm missing a lot of functions which is making me consider cancelling my subscription, as my Nokia Lumia 920 is my main device for listening to music. Here's what I miss:

  1. There's no sensible sorting of downloaded playlists, and I have literaly hundreds of them, sortet in maps an so on. I can't remember which ones are downloaded, so I spend too much time browsing the playlistst for downloaded content. And this is kinda relatet to my next issue...
  2. ...which is the lacking option of wiping all downloaded content. I actualle end up uninstalling and reinstalling the app regualarly, as it is the easiest way to get rid off all my downloaded stuff from time to time.
  3. There's no radio, which makes me end up using Nokia Music (which is both free and excellent) a lot more than Spotify.
  4. There should be an option to store downloaded music data on an SD card on Windows Phone, like on Android devices. Filling of internal phone memory os not a big issue on my 32 GB device, but is a huge issue for users of Windows Phone devices that have only 8 GB (and even 4 GB, yikes!) of storage. The lacking option of SD-card storage actually makes it about impossible for some users to download any music at all to their phones.

Good luck.

6 Replies

I agree.


Windows Phone app is bad.


Lumia 930

Premium user , lots of music marked for offline , takes forever to load in gym with no WiFi and poor signal album art missing , album titles missing having to guess which playlist or album is the one I want , why is it trying to get the info off the net when I'm offline?? , resuming, resuming, resuming , god damb you workout finished before Spotify is ready to play , iphone version much better.

Frustrated 😞


I've got a Lumia 930 aswell.


The Spotify App on the Windows phone is ridiculous. It is overall horribly slow and badly made, and you cant trust that it will work when you want to listen to music.


I use it when i'm out driving or walking(that's when you use your PHONE for music, isnt it????) so i dont have wi-fi, and the second you exit wifi area this app just goes straight to **bleep**. What's the point of being premium user at this point if i can only use it at home, and what's the point of HAVING this app if it only works when sitting next to the router? I'm **bleep**ing done

I think on Windows Phone Deezer app works pretty well. You really should check it out!


100% agree



Please spotify do something about this!!!


All day I only have trouble with this app.


"Resuming Resuming Resuming"


Just ridiculous how bad this app is

So so true

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