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Becoming Obsolete

Becoming Obsolete

So, there in my intray are 4 e-mail messages all congratulating me for posting ideas! Does anyone else think that Spotify Management has their development/time-management priorities wrong? Creating a facility that sends people childrens type tokens and rank advancemnts is infentile!

The selection of music in Spotify is good, now we just need a way of managing the music the way we would like the music, else we may as well use free to air. And the Spotify app is really a clunker!


Definatly a missjudgement of priorities by Spotify Management. And it looks like Spotify is going sown the path of Nokia, from a top music service to 'who?'. Look at the following report at what Apple is doing for their music customers;


"Apple wants to push aside the likes of Rdio, Pandora, Slacker and -- especially -- Spotify to be a one-stop destination for all things music. The result is a grand coalition of a cloud-based on-demand streaming service comprised of 30 million tracks, your existing iTunes music library, a new all-live worldwide radio station and even an artist-centric social network -- all living in one master app."


At this time Spotify has a good market share in this exploding market but i think soon we all will be looking to another facility if Spotify Management can not meet customer expectations and continues with these childish games and lackluster feedback response!

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