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Cancelled premium, because of Spotify's attitude towards WP users.

Cancelled premium, because of Spotify's attitude towards WP users.

To whom it may concern...

Has I've stated in the "Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update" thread, I've been a Spotify premium user for sometime now, and still think it's the best service of it's kind, even considering Xbox Music at it's present state..

I've been a iOS / Windows desktop user untill recently, when I bought a Lumia 1020. Right now, I have Spotify on my Lumia, my iPad and my Windows 8 PC.

As I'm sure most of us do, I extensively use Spotify offline on both my Lumia and at home (throught my Hi-Fi home system) so that I can enjoy the 320 kbps quality sound.

Unfortunetly, since I bought my Lumia 1020 (witch I love, by the way), I've experienced, first hand, the blatant disregard that WP premium users are subject to, by Spotify.

It's not even a question of Spotify's App parity with Android or iOS..., it's, first and foremost, that the WP app is, at present, and for lack of a better word -  abandoned - and it's users, completely ignored..!

As such, since Spotify:

1. Does not treat all premium customers as equal;
2. Refuses to update the WP Spotify app;
3. Won't work towards leveling it's mobile apps in feature set, or at THE VERY LEAST, rectify known bugs in the WP app;
4. Constantly updates other apps, ignoring WP;
5. Advertises feature after feature after feature in iOS and Android, blatantly ignoring WP;
6. More so, asks WP users, to "vote" (?!) in such features - ... vote, as in... BEG, apparently...!! (The same goes for a Win8 RT app - I've lost count to the number of posts, in that thread..);
7. Won't, at least, make the WP App work for non-premium users;

And, most important...

8. Can't even take five minutes off, to explain to it's WP PREMIUM customers, why it won't update the app, or give any, ANY, justification / explanation regarding the subject;
I have decided, as a monthly subscriber, that February was the last month for me...

It's understandable, thought questionable, that it's up to Spotify to choose which, how and when it's apps are updated..

What's intolerable is the total lack of communication and feed-back (witch equals respect, or lack of..) to part of it's premium subscribers!

I'm fed up with that attitude...

As such, today I unsubscribed Premium (unsubscribed - not changed to umlimited), and sent the above reasons to Spotify in the field provided.

Unfortunetly, only with such actions, do these companies understand that they need to listen to their paying customers, instead of ignoring them..

Hoping (but doubting) it will make any difference..

Best Regards..

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