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Cannot connect Spotify playlist to Withings Aura

Cannot connect Spotify playlist to Withings Aura



I use a Withings Aura alarm clock and I tried to set a Spotify playlist as alarm. The Withings app says it's saved but when the alarm rings, the playlist doesn't launch.


I tried to use a friend's Spotify account and it worked. Can you help me?



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Hi @bignolles, welcome to the Community!


Could you let us know if you're using a playlist created by you? Also, is the playlist set for Offline Mode? Does it have any local files?


Keep in mind that it can happen that you're woken up by the default program instead of the Spotify playlist or the web radio station you've selected. This is usually due to a Wi-Fi issue. Make sure your Connected Alarm Clock is in range of your Wi-Fi network to avoid this issue.


Keep us posted.



Thank you for replying!

I'm using a playlist I created (through iTunes import if that's any use).
It's not set for offline mode, but some of the songs on it are available
offline of my iPhone.

Hey @bignolles, thanks for sending that info!


Could you try setting the alarm with a Spotify playlist created only with songs from our catalogue? 


Let us know if this does the trick.



I set an alarm with a playlist curated by Spotify, and it worked.

I then set an alarm with one of my playlists, and the first Spotify-curated playlist actually played, not mine.


I don't understand why it doesn't work with my playlist though, all the songs in it are available in Spotify's catalogue...

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